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Jenson8 is a VR-powered platform that delivers data-driven, AI-powered applications to help organizations manage their human resources.


We work with retail companies to improve diversity and inclusion, leadership development, team formation and development, ethics, cultural change, talent spotting and acquisition, and soft skills development.


The retail industry is changing fast. With the rise of e-commerce and the growth of independent retailers, HR departments are facing new challenges every day. They need to find new ways to attract talent, retain their employees and ensure that employees are happy and engaged in their work.


With our platform, you can identify potential candidates for your next promotion based on their soft skills in areas like communication and collaboration. You can measure your team's performance against the company's values using our ethics application. You can use our diversity application to analyze your employee base by gender or race and see how well you're representing different groups of people at every level of your organization.

The manufacturing industry is a rapidly-changing business landscape. As the world becomes more connected, manufacturers are having to adapt to new challenges in human resources, leadership development, and workforce diversity.

The HR challenges in the manufacturing industry are many, and they can be quite complex. The biggest challenges facing human resources professionals in this industry are team development, leadership development, and employee retention.

In order to meet these challenges, it's important to have a solid understanding of what makes a successful team dynamic. Jenson8 is offering a unique solution for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve: a virtual reality platform that uses data-driven AI to help them tackle some of their biggest HR challenges.

As the travel industry continues to grow, so does the need for innovative and effective ways to develop and manage talent. Jenson8's Virtual Reality platform allows you to create a virtual environment that can simulate real-world scenarios, allowing you to test out new ideas or conduct training sessions in a safe environment.

Whether you're looking for a way to improve diversity & inclusion practices or simply want to improve your team's performance, our VR platform can help. We offer data-driven solutions that allow you to collect, analyze, and share all of your results with your peers and employees.

We also offer AI-powered applications that help you identify potential problems before they arise while also increasing employee engagement through fun activities like soft skills development games and cultural change trainings.

The Media Industry is a highly competitive business model and has evolved rapidly over the years. It's a high-pressure environment, with many challenges facing the HR department.

Jenson8's data driven approach can help you overcome these challenges by leveraging our VR platform, which provides accurate data on a range of topics including Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, team formation and development, ethics and cultural change.

We also offer AI powered applications like Talent Spotting and Acquisition that can help you find talented employees even before they apply for a job at your company.

Our soft skills development application is another way we can assist with your HR challenges. It allows you to train your staff in soft skills such as confidence building and communication skills so that they can perform better at work.

HR challenges in the telco industry have been a concern for years. The industry is not just about employees but also about customers, and companies need to ensure that they are hiring, developing, and retaining both in order to compete.

Jenson8's new VR platform helps telcos address these challenges by offering a data driven approach to helping companies develop their HR programs. It allows them to identify gaps in their current programs and take action to close them, from hiring strategies all the way through leadership development and more.

The platform uses AI powered applications for diversity and inclusion; leadership development; team formation and development; ethics; cultural change; talent spotting and acquisition; soft skills development; as well as other areas where it can be used to improve HR performance.

The pharmaceutical industry is the largest in the world. But it's also one of the most diverse. It's not just a question of gender and race, but also age, geography, educational background, and professional experience. While these differences can make for a rich learning environment and a strong culture, it makes it difficult to find a unified vision for what your team looks like.

The Jenson8 VR platform helps you do just that—find your team's unique identity and bring people together around it. We help you determine who your company is meant to serve and how best to serve them by mapping out your unique challenges and opportunities with data-driven insights from our AI-powered platform.

We then use our VR platform to help you design your own path forward for diversity & inclusion, leadership development, team formation and development, ethics training, cultural change initiatives (like unconscious bias training), talent spotting and acquisition strategies…all while providing soft skills development programs designed specifically for your organization.

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