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J-INCLUSION is an application focused on fostering inclusive behaviour within teams and organizations by acting as an ally, being aware of and challenging biases, committing to considering unique solutions to problems and different perspectives, and putting the needs of the group over meeting personal quotas. This application measures Allyship, Bias, Open-Mindedness, and Community.





Engaging in solidarity with those around you and participating in activism that benefits disadvantaged groups one does not belong to.


Committing to acknowledging the existence of and counteracting both systemic and personal preferential attitudes towards specific groups.


Readiness to consider other opinions, new ideas, and unique solutions to problems without prejudicial bias.


Willingness to demonstrate inclusion by putting the group’s needs over your wants and goals.

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Ensure your teams stay connected to and invested in your organisation and with each other without travel, expense or time away.



Deliver an open, diverse, inclusive and immersive experience which elevates emotions, ensuring a memorable experience that enables long lasting improvements within your business.



Pioneers in technology which delivers behavioral change and drives growth
Provide tangible data-driven deployment paths for individuals and teams in a psychologically safe and feedback rich environment.

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