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Jenson8 for leadership development is about building up individuals to become effective leaders that can direct others, be accountable for their leadership decisions, be able to work alongside their teams, and facilitate and environment for success. Good leaders and managers should be able to command and inspire their teams, while also using discretion to delegate tasks and empower their teams with the tools to operate those tasks effectively.

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The potential to communicate needs and expectations and support and value other group members. 


This includes being good at conveying information and accepting information from team members that assist the team’s overall performance, and engaging in behaviours that bolster the team’s overall cohesion and enhance trust and respect among members.


The potential to accomplish tasks and goals you set and manage and  assign tasks appropriately. 


This indicates your level of prediction in achieving team goals and contributing to the team’s overall success. This includes the capacity for setting goals and contributing to managing and team direction.


The potential for teamwork is based on your reported ratings of traits relevant to teamwork (e.g., sociability and empathy) and your performance on Apollo   measures of direction and communication.


The potential to act with diligence and remain well organized, be highly responsible, and be independently productive within a team. 

This includes being good at planning and sticking to long-term goals, being seen as dependable by one’s peers, and being generally hard-working in most scenarios

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Ensure your teams stay connected to and invested in your organisation and with each other without travel, expense or time away.



Deliver an open, diverse, inclusive and immersive experience which elevates emotions, ensuring a memorable experience that enables long lasting improvements within your business.



Pioneers in technology which delivers behavioral change and drives growth
Provide tangible data-driven deployment paths for individuals and teams in a psychologically safe and feedback rich environment.

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