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J-Learn for Development

J-LEARN for development is an application focused on developing and maintaining a learner mindset, where challenges are interpreted as an opportunity to grow and improve, and failure is used for growth through four critical areas: Improvement Mindset, Openness and Accountability Mindset, Goal Setting, and Sustained Effort and Challenge Mindset. This development focused application is concentrated on larger groups of individuals who rotate between different roles in the VR experience and see the task from different perspectives.

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Improvement Mindset

Does the client avoid weaknesses or attempt to improve them? Do they tend to work specifically on the areas in which they have scored low?

Openness and Accountability Mindset

Is the client willing to take feedback or input from others? Do they argue against the performance standards that are provided to them? Does the client maintain positive communication and teamwork in the face of negative feedback (suggesting a tendency to blame or make performance difficult for others)?

Goal setting

 Is the client systematic in how they intend to improve? For example, does the client establish plans for performing in future sessions, and how do they plan to improve? Is the client marking their improvement along with specific performance standards?

Sustained Effort and Challenge Mindset

Does the client continue to show effort throughout the process? Do they appear energized/invigorated by the game’s challenge or discouraged and overwhelmed?

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Ensure your teams stay connected to and invested in your organisation and with each other without travel, expense or time away.



Deliver an open, diverse, inclusive and immersive experience which elevates emotions, ensuring a memorable experience that enables long lasting improvements within your business.



Pioneers in technology which delivers behavioral change and drives growth
Provide tangible data-driven deployment paths for individuals and teams in a psychologically safe and feedback rich environment.

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