We are Pioneering HR Tech in the Metaverse​

Amongst other things the Metaverse promises true user immersion, rich collaborative environments and new ways of applying value to data. These key principles are a driving force behind Jenson8 Platform development.


Jenson8 transports participants into an immersive world where they can collaborate on problem solving tasks. The immersive nature of the platform and the pressure the tasks create reveal individual behaviours and team dynamics, which generate truly actionable insights organisations can apply their development programmes

VR Immersive Experience

We know that many companies are investing in VR as a way to create more effective training programs for their employees. But what if you could also use virtual reality as a way to understand how your people actually work together and their individual behaviours ?

Data Driven Insights

 Jenson8 is a platform that captures in-game behavioural and observational data. It uses psychometric testing to correlate this data to generate insight into how teams work together, as well as generating a rich understanding of individual behaviour.


With Jenson8 you can get actionable data that supports your real HR requirements in supporting your people and company goals. The insight generated by the platform can be leveraged to support development or assessment of leaders, teams and individuals for a variety of applications. 

Artificial Intelligence

 Jenson8 VR is an AI-driven platform that supports the identification of individual and team behavioural patterns that may not be immediately obvious. This enables organisations to better classify the profile of the individual or the dynamics at play within a team in order to make more informed decisions.


At Jenson8, we’re all about making sure companies are equipped to build and develop highly effective teams and leaders. Our platform is designed to help you do just that, with multiple applications that can help you build a more diverse and inclusive workplace, improve leadership development and team formation, provide ethics training, spot talent and acquire new employees, develop soft skills, and more.


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