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Environment affects individual behaviors which impact team effectiveness

We forge our professional identity around our career successes and setbacks, often ignoring the role our environment plays. When the environment changes (for example, new colleagues or new structure) we do not always understand why success can be so much harder to achieve and we often struggle to make everything work like it did before. Under pressure, we can retreat deep into the comfort zone of the behaviors which brought us past success, ignoring the damage those behaviors cause and making success harder to achieve.

Understanding how our environment affects our behavior is key to sustained team efficiency – and continuous career development – but facing the truth is sometimes difficult, uncomfortable and makes us vulnerable, and we need help to push through those self-constructed barriers.

Bridging the gap between team potential and team performance

Jenson8 has developed a platform which allows our training partners to safely throw your team in at the deep end to overcome resistance and uncover the stories that brought individuals to where they are today. We expose their reactions to their environment, we challenge their assumptions and help them experience the difficult and sometimes uncomfortable truths about their behaviour and how it affects those they work with.

After everything is laid bare, the workshop turns to rebuild the team, encouraging interdependency, empathy and trust between participants, focusing on what they can take back to the workplace so they can each find their own way to contribute to greater team success.

Powerful workshops that let your team find its way

Our workshops establish trust, reveal vulnerability, encourage reflection and guide introspection. The Jenson8 team lead sessions where participants learn about themselves and each other, taking risks and showing courage, removing layers one at a time to reveal what pushes them forward and what holds them back.

The workshops revolve around you and your teams, encouraging honesty and authenticity to get results. Jenson8 will question, challenge and inspire the participants; we take everyone out of their comfort zone in order to demonstrate what each individual represents to the team and how critical it is that we control our reactions to our environment.

The Jenson8 Platform helps training organizations and enterprises deliver workshops is to take the participants through a powerful journey of discovery to leave a lasting understanding of self that they can take back with them to the workplace along with the commitment to use this understanding to make the necessary changes going forward.

“Don’t confuse Jenson8 with other VR that is used for frontline safety and operational training. Jenson8 VR is an engaging and immersive platform that makes leadership and management development and exciting and meaningful. All of your customers are looking for a ways to fill this whole in their assessment and development plans”

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