Why AI and VR are the Perfect Storm for HR Tech

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The Technology available to support businesses in getting the most out of their internal talent has been limited mostly to eLearning delivered coupled often with outdated psychometric tools don’t capture the behavior of an employee under pressure in the working environment. If anything, it forces the participant into an underactive cognitive state through the “classroom test” style conditions and monotonous methods employed.

Imagine if you could create the conditions to truly challenge the participant; not just cognitively, but under stress in conditions that bring hidden behaviors to the surface.

The Experience and the Participant

The Jenson8 platform allows participants to safely experience difficult situations to learn how their individual and collective behaviour, environment, stress and reaction to it triggers different outcomes in a team environment. The immersive experience we provide creates a mixture of sensory input is ideal for learning since it exposes the brain to the same information in different ways leading to greater understanding than traditional learning tools.

Also, the act of learning through games, means we can practice coming up with solutions to team behaviour challenges and are exposed to the try-fail-learn cycle necessary for understanding and change to take place.

The Data and Feedback

Through the various mundane tests and static learning we impose on our employees, the data we receive back on the induvial is not only uncontextualized due to the mental state of the participant, but data points don’t deliver a great deal of insight beyond traditional classification of personality attributes and even then require some interpretation to truly make use of the data. Modern techniques in AI with the reduce cost of available computing power allows user to deliver rich correlations and insights as to the true behavioral approaches to a variety of aspects in working life that traditional methods can’t capture such as interpersonal communication under stress, immediate reactions to ethically ambiguous situations, attentiveness to the key impacting constituent parts of a task when problem solving and whether their approaches to team problem solving are dangerously self serving ill considered vs chronically suffering from paralysis from analysis.

AI allows them to learn things about themselves no-one (including themselves, have been watching) and learn to spot that behavior in practical application, then question it and adapt.

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